Dental Related Health Problems

Dental-Related-Health-ProblemsThe mouth or Oral Cavity is an integral part of one’s whole body. The oral cavity is a major portal of entry into one’s whole body and is equipped with mechanisms to defend against entry of Toxins and Pathogens. If the health of the oral cavity is compromised, then it serves as a source of causing disease and contamination to the rest of one’s whole body as well.n to the rest of one’s whole whole body as well.

Oral wellness signs like development of Oral Infection and Oral furry Leukoplakia are used to identify and determine specific stages of HIV infection.

Oral navicular bone reduction is seen as the first signal for diagnosis of Weak bones which affects women more than men. Numerous research have recognized the connection of Weak bones and Oral navicular bone reduction, Gum (Gum Disease) Illness and Tooth Loss.

More than 150 Viruses stresses have been identified in Oral oral plaque and Oral pulp attacks. These bacteria have the prospective to enter the blood vessels and cause wide spread attacks. Immuno-compromised sufferers have more chances of developing attacks due to bacteria in the Oral cavity.

Poor Oral wellness has a immediate and recognized connection with diseases of the center. Infective Endocarditis is due to bacteria from the mouth. Gum Illness or Gum disease activates the formation of oral plaque leading to atherosclerotic general Illness (ASVD) and a Cardiac arrest.

Patients undergoing Chemotherapy or radiotherapy or a combination of both for Cancer are Immuno covered up. Such sufferers have the prospective to develop wide spread attacks due to bacteria from the mouth.

Poor Oral Health can cause desire of bacteria into the normally sterile lower respiratory system causing attacks like Emphysema, Pneumonia and chronic Respiratory disease.

Diabetic sufferers are at the maximum risk of oral wellness incapacity. Gum (Gum) disease, Chewing difficulty, Oral stomach problems, Corrosion, Tooth Loss, Loose teeth, xerostomia and attacks are commonly seen.

Dental issues like Gums and teeth, Gum disease, Periodontists, Oral caries and make-up overuse have recognized a immediate link with both Sterility and pregnancy. The symptoms include delay in getting pregnant, losing the unborn baby, premature birth and low weight babies. It has been recognized further that treatment Oral issues does not affect the wellness of the mother or unborn infant. Keeping excellent oral wellness also has an effect on Male infertility with a higher chance of wellness sperms.

Poor Oral wellness effects digestive system and metabolism. The inability to chew and take foods which limit meals selection and hence nourishment have an adverse impact on the overall wellness of a person.Oral wellness issues are therefore related to well being and total well being, calculated by economic, Psychosocial and Functional factors. Diet, Nutrition, sleep, Public interaction, Work and school are affected by Oral wellness status of an individual.

Overwhelming evidence from Clinical practice and Medical reports / research have concluded that maintaining excellent oral wellness is important not only to prevent Oral disease but also to maintain overall excellent our wellness.

Dr. Sachin Mittal’s Advanced Dental Implant Center, in addition to being dental health care companies, not only are leaders in many techniques / procedures / operations, but are doing their best to educate one and all on the importance of maintaining excellent dental wellness / Oral wellness and hygiene. They realize that they have a social responsibility too and have actively started and conducted many awareness programs to teach excellent oral habits in the population. Preventive dentistry is a department at Dr. Sachin Mittal’s Implant Center and the emphasis of the activity is patient education which is a fundamental element of Dr. Sachin Mittal’s Implant Center Vision and Value statements.



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