Jaw Reduction Surgery

Jaw decrease is a type of visual surgical treatment treatment in which the purpose of therapy is to filter the lower one-third of the face – particularly the participation from the mandible and its muscle accessories. There are several techniques for therapy – such as medical and non medical techniques.


A rectangle reduced jaw is usually regarded a very macho feature. Increasing of the reduced third of the experience can cause either a rectangle overall look to the experience as a whole or can change the organic overall look of the position between the chin area and the throat. Whereas rectangle reduced oral cavity are often regarded a beneficial feature in White and many Oriental men, a extensive mandible can cause important face discordance and/or masculinization of the women face-particularly in those of Eastern Oriental nice. Even in certain men, the dimension the reduced jaw can cause face disharmony-particularly when there is asymmetry. A extensive reduced experience can mainly be due to growth of the mandible or masseter muscular.


The primary cause of an enlarged mandible is developmental or congenital. There are some rare disorders that can further widen the jaw such as acromegaly.

Conversely, while a masseter muscle can be large due to congenital reasons, it can commonly be an acquired deformity. Like any muscle it increases in size with exercise. Behaviors such as repeated gum chewing, teeth clenching, or bruxism can contribute to enlargement of the muscle.
There are several jaw reduction techniques available – both surgical and non-surgical. Ideally prior to selection of a treatment, the patient is examined to determine whether the cause is due to the bone, the masseter or both. Additionally, if a treatable cause is present it should be identified.
Surgical reduction
Surgical techniques are used to directly reduce the size of an enlarged mandible. Incision can be to the inside or outside of the mouth, though the internal incision is the most common because it leaves no visible scar. A bur is used to remove the outer layer of the enlarged mandible, narrowing the jaw

Potential complications include injury to the inferior alveolar nerve which provides sensation to the lower lips and teeth.



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