Laser Gum Depigmentation

laser-gum-depigmentation-lGum depigmentation is a process used in visual dental work to eliminate dark areas or areas on the gum area due to extreme melanin. The normal color of the gum cells (gingiva) is light red, but excess remains of melanin (melanin gingival hyperpigmentation) can create what seem to be dark areas or areas on the gum area, creating an aesthetic or cosmetic problem. Staining may also be due to long lasting use of certain medicines. A medical evaluation is performed to change the treatment to the sufferers needs, and the process itself can include laser ablation techniques.

Laser Gum Depigmentation Techniques (Laser Gum Bleaching)

Melanocytes are tissues which live in the basal part of the gingival epithelium. These tissues generate melanin, which are pigmentation that cause staining or brown areas in gum area. A oral laser device can focus on and ablate the melanocytes, thus decreasing the development of melanin in the gingival cells. Following laser device depigmentation, the gingiva cures by additional objective. This outcomes in a less heavy and more consistent shade of the gum area.



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